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Happy Mothers’ Day

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KARACHI: Today children all over the world are honoring their mothers by thanking them for their love and sacrifices. talked to Razia Bibi, a woman who works at Jodia Bazar, on this occasion. She lives in a rented premises with her three daughters. Due to abject poverty her two sons (who are too little to work) live in Madrassa. There,  they are provided clothes, board, lodging and Islamic education.

Her ex-husband – who had thrown acid on a daughter and her before divorcing her – had got married for the third time. Razia takes her burnt daughter to Civil Hospital for treatment.

From morning to evening she runs her footpath shop and earns Rs. 400-500/- day. Her three daughters join her on the footpath after coming from schools. They hang their bags on the pavement’s railings and eat lunch with their mother.

Razia said that she had no other objective in her life but to educate her children enabling them to become ‘big officers’. Speaking about the mothers’ day she said the mothers of daughters should learn a lesson from her predicament.