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Heli crash in Congo claims lives of 6 Pak soldiers

ISLAMABAD: Six Pakistani soldiers serving as UN peacekeepers in Congo were among the eight who lost their lives when the Puma helicopter they were undertaking a reconnaissance mission in crashed on Tuesday (29th of March, 2022). 

Pakistani martyred officers and soldiers were identified as ​​Lt Col Asif Ali Awan, Maj Saad Nomani (pilot), Maj Faizan Ali (co-pilot), Naib Subedar Samiullak Khan (flight engineer), Havaldar Muhammad Ismail (crew chief) and Lance Havaldar Muhamad Jamil (Gunner).

According to details an aviation mission of Pakistan was deployed in UN Mission Congo on peacekeeping duties since 2011: “Pakistan has always played a pivotal role as a responsible member of the international community to help realize ideals of global peace and security through active support in various UN peacekeeping missions,” ISPR held.

ISPR further stated: “Our peacekeepers have always distinguished themselves in executing challenging peacekeeping tasks in conflict-prone areas through devotion and, if necessary, [by] rendering supreme sacrifices.”

Cause of the crash is still not known. | YouTube Channel


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