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High alert of flood in River Kabul

NOWSHERA: A high alert of flood in River Kabul at Nowshera and Attock was issued as people living on the banks of the river in both cities were at high risk.

According to the details of the flood situation provided by the authority concern, the water level in River Kabul was continuously increasing.

The administration had warned the people of Noshehra to vacate the bank areas as a
flood relay of 279,000 cusecs water was expected to pass tonight.

The administration had closed all the public and private educational institutes for the next two days.

In Attock, the administration had also issued a moderate flood warning in River Kabul and warned people through the announcements in the Mosques.

According to the Tarbela control, 470,000 cusecs of water were being released from the dam and after some time, more than 20,000 cusecs of water would be added to it.

Rescue 1122 Attock had also made announcements in local mosques and advised people living on the banks of the rivers to shift to safer places. | YouTube Channel

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