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Eid-ul-Azha during Virus Crisis: Home delivery of sacrificial animals!

KARACHI: COVID-19 has also sapped the excitement out of those who used to go to makeshift markets before Eid-ul-Azha to choose sacrificial animals and purchase them at bargain prices.

People used to buy goats and cows (often sheep and even camels) a week earlier enabling kids have fun with them (feeding them and showing them off to their neighborhood friends). But now, in order to contain COVID-19, it seems they are opting to keep their children away from the sacrificial animals. They prefer to have them delivered at home just a day earlier or in the form of prepared meat on Eid Day.

Entities like OLX are claiming a major part of the pie as some 25,000 people are visiting the site and over four-fifth of the animals offered for sale are bought. Daraz is also partnering with relevant businesses to capture part of the market. Many amateurs/debutantes are successfully making use of Instagram and Facebook in order to sell sacrificial animals.

Supermarkets like Imtiaz had been in this business for many years. But due to COVID-19 scenario it seems that this year their services are being utilized by masses. Interestingly, French Chain Carrefour is providing sort of one-window operation by selling, (shariah-compliant) slaughtering and delivering prepared meat to the customer.

Sindh Information Minister earlier told that the Federal Government had formulated a policy to promote collective sacrifices on Eid-ul-Azha, which will apply to all provinces: “We have appealed to the public to prioritize the mass sacrifice organized by mosques, imams and schools…to prevent both COVID19 and filth…the Solid Waste Department will transport the offal to the landfill sites…

“We have also taken steps to organize mass sacrifices at specific places under the guidelines given by the Federal Government, which will allow for the sacrifice of the individual at specific places in all districts and to arrange sacrifices at each UC level.” | YouTube Channel




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