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Italian CG promotes inter-faith harmony

KARACHI: Scene was set at the creek-side Beach Luxury Hotel underneath majestic palm trees where mild winds from the Arabian Sea welcomed the karachiites and expatriates to an Iftar/Dinner hosted by the Consul General of Italy Danilo Giurdanella and his wife Antonella Bartolomucci on Thursday 21st of April, 2022.  

The event was meant to commemorate Ramazan and promote inter-faith harmony. Addressing the ladies and gentlemen in the audience Consul General Danilo Giurdanella maintained that it was a great experience to observe fasting during the Holy Month.

Consul General stated: “Some of you may not be aware of it, but the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a long tradition of holding every year during the holy month of Ramazan an iftar in Rome with the participation of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs in the beautiful site of Villa Madama, a Renaissance-style villa planned by the famous Raphael. This is done to promote inter-faith harmony and also to make known to a European public the meaning of the month of Ramadan for Muslims.

“In fact, one of my previous jobs in Rome at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs included promotion of inter-religious harmony. This is only possible if we fight all prejudices, racism, Islamophobia existing in societies and generally educate people on the real meaning of religions. I hope, this Iftar can become a tradition of the Consulate of Italy and, as it happens in Rome, a yearly event and an opportunity to bring people closer together.

“Ramazan is the Islamic month devoted to fasting, prayer, reflection and charity, the observance of which is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Therefore, it is only just that we should celebrate and say a prayer for somebody that has dedicated her own life to her community, one of the best-known philanthropists in Pakistan, also known to the public in Italy, somebody who has helped save the lives of thousands of babies and whose soul has recently departed this world. I’m talking about Madame Bilquis Bano Edhi.

“I make it public here for the first time that Madame Edhi was proposed by myself and subsequently awarded the second rank of the second highest civilian honor of Italy by the President of the Italian Republic – Officer of the Order of the Star of Italy. Unfortunately, due to her passing away, I was unable to officially give her the award during the traditional ceremony of Italian Republic Day on the second of June. But I am sure that it will rest well with her family that is rightly continuing the philanthropic work of the Edhi foundation, which I am promoting for more cooperation with Italy, including other Italian NGOs.”

Danilo Giurdanella, still paying homage to Bilquis Edhi, told that the Edhi Foundation had extended a donation for the victims in Italy greatly affected by the first wave of the COVID pandemic: “Italy will always remember Edhi Foundation for its compassion and generosity and looks forward to greater cooperation in the field of humanitarian services”.

KARACHI: Following the Consul General’s speech Fateha was offered for the departed soul of Bilquis Edhi.
KARACHI: Consul General of Italy Danilo Giurdanella flanked by his wife Antonella Bartolomucci and Vice Consul Enrico Alfonso Ricciardi welcomed the guests to Iftar/Dinner reception held at Beach Luxury Hotel here on Thursday 21st of April, 2022.

M M Alam

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