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IMF-Dar Meeting Today (9th Jan)

GENEVA: Finance Minister of Pakistan (that, as many believe is nearing to be proclaimed a default state) is scheduled to have a rendezvous with an IMF delegation here on Monday (9th of Jan 2023) on the sidelines of Geneva conference.

According to details the huddle is meant to discuss outstanding issues. It is pertinent to mention here that the developed nations are presently focused on Ukraine War and are least interested in Post-Deluge Pak state-of-affairs.

Moreover, the donors want to know about Pakistan’s strategy to contain such inundations in the future.

Donors are in no mood to just dole out billions of dollars to Pakistan, knowing that all the money ends up in the coffers of few corrupt Pakistanis and the poor of the poorest gets nothing.

It may be noted that when the developed world gave a cold shoulder, even the name of the event had been changed from Donors Conference to International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan that would be co-hosted by GoP and UN.


Sana Mehmood

Sana Mahmood studied Business and Finance from Karachi and writes on a number of subjects particularly activities in Bourse etc.