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Imran Khan delivers keynote speech at World Govt. Summit

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DUBAI: In his keynote speech at World Government Summit here today PM Imran Khan, while pointing out that Shaukat Khanum Hospital was built by means of charity doled out by the people of Pakistan, noted they were not willing to pay taxes. 

He said it was because the masses did not have faith in the government who previously wasted their money to enable few live luxurious lives.  He said his government was striving hard to develop Pakistan on the model of the State of Madina based on principles of justice, humanity, merit, and accountability. The Prime Minister said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had laid the foundations of the first welfare state on earth by upholding rule of law and emphasis on seeking knowledge.

Noting that  China had pulled its 700 million population out of abject poverty in just three decades, he said PTI government also believed in spending funds on the human capital to uplift their standard of living. Khan claimed that PTI govt was pursuing a reform agenda to develop Pakistan on modern lines, which include facilitating ease of doing business, changing tax laws, and encouraging investments.

The PM speaking about Pakistan’s potential of attracting tourists claimed his government was focusing on that sector. Khan also invited entrepreneurs to take advantage of govt.’s business-friendly policies by investing in various sectors of Pakistan. Imran Khan said the State of Madina promised that non-Muslims’ places of worship would be protected, there would be no forcible conversions, and human rights would be respected. He said PTI government wanted to develop Pakistan on those principles.

Imran Khan reiterated that accountability, rule of law, and welfare of the poor should be the salient features of the state machinery. He said reforms were essential to take Pakistan forward and his government was focusing on it. He claimed that PTI govt. was trying to improve Pakistan’s economic policies to cut down fiscal deficit and increase exports.

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