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Imran Khan House Raided To Clear No-Go Areas: Rana

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah on Saturday said that Zaman Park operation was conducted to clear the no-go areas and to arrest the miscreants hiding inside.

“The no-go area was created inside Lahore due to which the citizens were facing problems and difficulties”, he claimed.

He said that the police were fired upon and pelted with stones from inside the house.

In the course of the operation, weapons have been seized and slingshots used to pelt stones at the police were recovered from the house, he claimed.

Rana further said that it was unfortunate that a political party was involved in this type of activity, which was unprecedented in the political history of Pakistan.

The recovery of weapons from inside the house shows the mindset of Imran Khan, who wants chaos and anarchy in the country.

The trend of standing up to the state through violence and force is being promoted by PTI, he said and added that if they had been permitted to carry on in this way, it would have become a tradition in the country.

PTI workers clash with police, set picket on fire:

ISLAMABAD: PTI workers on Saturday clashed with police and caused damage to public property besides setting ablaze a police post when Imran Khan reached here from Lahore to appear in a court in the Toshakhana case.

Before the arrival of PTI Chairman Imran Khan at Islamabad’s Judicial Complex, the area was put on high security to ensure law and order and avoid any untoward situations.

However, the PTI workers pelted stones at law enforcers and authorities inside and outside the premises of the Islamabad Judicial Complex.

The workers brought stones in their vehicles and even fired teargas on police personnel which was countered by the law enforcers.

PTI workers broke the security barrier of the complex for the second time in a row.

Despite requests to the PTI chief to enter the judicial complex premises, Imran Khan created a commotion by sitting in his car.

A police post was set ablaze and officials were attacked resulting in injuries to policemen, the police source said.

PTI workers also heavily damaged three police mobiles and targeted law enforcers through slingshots, which forced police to fire teargas.

The personnel of Frontier Constabulary also stepped in to control the situation.

It is to mention that Islamabad Chief Commissioner Noorul Amin Mengal shifted the hearing from F-8 Court Complex to the Judicial Complex in G-11 as a “one-time dispensation”.

But chaos gripped the area due to party workers of PTI.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police issued a traffic advisory earlier and alerted citizens of possible roadblocks and detours.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan said the best possible security measures were taken at the Judicial Complex ahead of the appearance of PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case.

He said that roads were closed at a limited scale so commuters could not face the difficulty.

He said special directives were issued to personnel to ensure security as enemies could exploit such a situation.

A total of 4,000 personnel had been deployed to ensure security during the appearance of the PTI chief.


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