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Imran Khan Speaks at Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsa

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LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) reached Minar-e-Pakistan to address the party supporters who converged and stayed put at midnight (between 25th and 26th of March, 2023) there despite the government’s attempt to stop them from reaching there.

Addressing the ladies and in the audience just a couple of hours before Sehri, Imran Khan said that he was grateful to Allah that people came out in large numbers.

Imran Khan pointed out that by lodging a hundred and fifty FIRs (including 40 terrorism cases) against him, the incumbent rulers had manifested their desire to keep him away from the elections and that was their definition of level-playing field.

During the speech Imran Khan said that if his party got the mandate it would turnaround the deteriorating state of affairs of economy by encouraging investment from overseas, facilitating the exporters, attract tourists, excavation of minerals, concentrating on high-yielding agriculture, letting SMEs grow, restructuring big corporations, expanding tax net, enduring rule of law and commencing humanitarian programs.

It is universally known that PTI was brought into Power by Military establishment of Pakistan that at a later stage took the crutches away. Addressing his former handlers, Imran Khan stated: “I want to ask a question to the establishment of Pakistan: it’s clear that there’s a cross on me, you won’t let come me into power.. but do you even have a plan to save Pakistan?”

Meanwhile, citing a threat alert local Police suspended internet services in various locales of the Walled City, particularly areas adjacent tot the PTI’s public meeting such Minar-e-Pakistan, Garhi Shahu, Davis Road, and Lakshmi Chowk etc.

The Police, brushing aside the allegations that the roads were blocked by means of containers to stop people heading towards the public meeting, said that no hindrance was created to prevent PTI supporters from reaching Minar-e-Pakistan.


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