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Interpol arrests, hands over Qandeel Baloch’s brother to Pakistan

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RIYADH: Interpol had arrested and handed over Muzaffar Iqbal, brother of murdered model Qandeel Baloch here and handed him to Pakistani authorities.

According to details he happens to be a suspect in her murder who bolted to the Kingdom in order to escape the trial in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that Muzaffar Iqbal had on record admitted before magistrate to drugging and killing his sister. 

Relevant pieces published earlier: 

Qandeel Baloch (Fauzia Azeem) Murder Case: Brother Waseem handed over life imprisonment

MULTAN: Judge Imran Shafi of a Model Court here, who had reserved his verdict yesterday (26th of September, 2019) after the prosecution and defense completed their arguments in the murder case of Social Media starlet Qandeel Baloch, has today handed-over life imprisonment to her brother Muhammad Waseem.

Court held that the prosecution had successfully proved its case beyond shadow of reasonable doubt through cogent, convincing and inspiring evidence against the prime suspect Muhammad Waseem for committing willful murder of his sister Fouzia Azeem alias Qandeel Baloch in shape of proving his presence at the place of occurrence, in shape of judicial confession corroborated with positive results of his DNA. So he is held guilty of committing willful murder of his sister.

Back in 2016 convict Muhammad Waseem, in the name of honor, strangled his sister Qandeel Baloch to death at their house, and confessed to have killed her because she had brought dishonor to the Baloch name with her risqué videos. Convict Muhammad Waseem’s advocate said that they would move the High Court against the Model Court verdict.

Other accused including her other brother Aslam Shaheen,  Mufti Abdul Qavi, Haq Nawaz, cleric Abdul Basit (former member of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee) and Mohammad Zafar Hussain were given benefit of doubt and acquitted.

Mufti Abdul Qavi while talking to Media informed that no evidence was provided by police against him. It is pertinent to mention here that the name of Cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi’s name was included amongst the list of suspects on the request of Qandeel Baloch’s father. 

The parents of the murdered model at one point – realizing that they had lost their daughter and could lose the sons too –  attempted to get her brothers released by pardoning them but court rejected the request.

It is pertinent to mention here that a few months after the murder of Qandeel Baloch Anti-Honor Killings Law (Criminal Amendment Bill) was passed that does not let accused go scot free when pardoned by the family of victim.  

Section 311, 305 added to Qandeel Baloch’s FIR, family barred from pardoning killers

LAHORE: The State on Monday have barred the family of social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch from pardoning the nominated killers by adding Sections 311 and 305 of the Pakistan Penal Code to the FIR.

According to the investigating officer, the State has become complainant in Qandeel’s murder and transformed the FIR of her murder into a non-compoundable FIR, making it impossible for Qandeel’s family to pardon her killers.

Section 305, maintains the wali (guardian) will be the heirs of the victim, but will exclude the accused or convict in case of qatl-i-amd (wilful murder) if committed in the name or on the pretext of honour.

Section 311 refers to the legal proceedings following the waiver or the compounding of the right of qisas (bounty for the murder in the Islamic Sharia law) in wilful murder.

“Notwithstanding anything contained in Section 309 or Section 310… the Court may, having regard to the facts and circumstances of the case, punish an offender against whom the right of qisas has been waived or compounded with death, or imprisonment for life, or imprisonment of either description for a term of which may extend to fourteen years as ta’zir,” reads Section 311.

The model was strangled to death in her house in Multan on July 16. Her father claimed that she was killed by her younger brother, Waseem, in the name of honour.

She has been laid to rest in her ancestral village in Dera Ghazi Khan on Sunday.

KARACHI: 15th July, 2016 was the date when Model Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death by her own brother in the name of honor.

In this case, diverse people hold their own dogmas. But one wonders is this the right approach to keep our Muslim women off from doing what we reckon offensive.

In point of fact, there are many Qandeels living in this society among us and we know many in our circle.

But instead of killing them, will it not be better to take some logical measures to keep them from crossing their boundaries by correcting our own particular selves?

In this article, brings some reality of today’s Pakistan into limelight.

  • Our Liberal Media:

We can take examples from our own media: where anchors and hosts do not bother to wear appropriately but we consider them liberal and bold women; we reckon them as individuals who could bravely face the wolves roaming around in our society; we applaud them for being able to raise their voices if any mishap occurs to them or someone else; we appreciate their ability to bark up like bitches in front of the camera to demonstrate themselves as bold Muslim women.

Our models and actresses hardly ever wear sleeves and sometimes they do even put on backless shots and deep neck dresses.

Not to mention we have some so-called shows where we provide our skilled ladies a platform to showcase their talent by showing off their bodies.

  • Trendy Morning Shows

Instead of reciting the name of Allah in the morning, our hosts begin their mornings by dancing and singing. That is not the part of our culture. It is pertinent to mention here that there is nothing significant shown to the public. All they are demonstrating are wedding arrangements. Also, the way they glamorize the beautiful relationship of marriage, is not appropriate as not every person could afford to buy chic attires for their daughters or send them to expensive beauty salons.

  • Lust Creating Dramas

As far as the TV dramas are concerned, one can come across any fragile matters {from divorce to adultery (Zina) and extra-marital affairs}. Also, the story-line would potentially guide you: how to seduce a man or a woman; how to be a center of attraction; how to fall in love; how to ensnare a wealthy partner; how to deal with husband and his family and some other evils of society.

In actuality, such portrayals, instead of doing any good, are encouraging such detrimental behaviors, acts and habits.  The duty of media is to teach the masses about their rights and current goings-on, but this does not mean to spread and broadcast obscenity.

As the spectators are mostly ladies, such productions must depict the character of a better spouse and an admirable mother.

But unfortunately, their focus is shifted to adult and vulgar content, which poses a severe threat to our minds and social fabric.

Regretfully, our media just wants to mint money. PEMRA officials carefully watch and observe even the petite mistakes of reporters in newspapers or channels. However, when it comes to notice entertainment area, they prefer to bite their tongues or they might enjoy watching our ladies entertaining them!

The way, our Muslim society transforms rapidly, is ousting our tradition, culture and Islamic values, resulting in spreading more offensiveness in our society.

To be materialistic and modern does not mean to put our Islamic values and guidelines behind us.

It is pertinent to point it out here that Islam was the only religion, which gave a special status to women and considered them as precious when this cruel world used to beat them, sell them or buried them alive.

But being a woman, we need to watch out our dressings and the way we roam around openly putting on fragile dresses.

If we are doing right thing by wearing shorts or such stuff, by adopting the culture and habits of western women, by taking advantage of being a female or by breaking our Islamic values then Qandeel deserved to be alive!

Qandeel Baloch Murder Case: Mufti Abdul Qavi arrested from National Highway!

MULTAN: Mufti Abdul Qavi, who is a suspect in the murder of (social media celebrity) Qandeel Baloch, has been arrested from National Highway near Jhang when he was trying to fled to KPK.

Earlier when his lawyers told him that the sessions judge was about reject extension of his pre-arrest bail application in the murder case, he opted to escape from court with the connivance of his lawyers.

Meanwhile, the court has ordered the IO to arrest Mufti Qavi and submit the challan soon.

It is pertinent to mention here that Qavi appeared for the first time before court yesterday (Tuesday, 17th of October). And on his lawyer’s request the case was adjourned for today.

Sanam Maher’s Book on Qandeel shortlisted for Indian award!

MUMBAI: Sources privy to NPTV have been intimated that the book titled The Sensational Life and Death of Qandeel Baloch penned by journalist Sanam Maher has been shortlisted for India’s Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize 2018.

According to the details, the First Book Prize was initiated by the Shakti Bhatt Foundation back in 2008 to motivate writers from the sub-continent. The prize will be a cash award of INR200,000 along with a trophy.

Besides Sanam, five other authors have been shortlisted. In the nomination pronouncement, Maher’s Qandeel Baloch is described as, “a testimony to the short, incandescent and courageous life of this Pakistani social media personality, murdered for the family’s honor by her brother. Through the story of Qandeel’s life and death, Maher shows us what it means to be a woman who defies convention in a patriarchal society.”

Name of the prize winner will be revealed in the month of November 2018.

The Sensational Life and Death of Qandeel Baloch to hit the shelves on 1oth of May!

KARACHI: The book on social media sensation Qandeel Baloch (late) is set to hit the shelves on May 10, 2018.

According to the details, the book titled The Sensational Life & Death of Qandeel Baloch is penned by journalist and author Sanam Maher.

So as to reveal the news, the author took to Twitter and posted, “Bumper week for work announcements from me: So hello! She’s here – cover reveal! A story that has taken over my life for the last 2 years — a story not just about #QandeelBaloch, but about the place that created her and ultimately found that it had very little room for her.”

The book harbors the life narrative of the 26-year-old model, named Fauzia Azeem, who became the foremost social media celebrity by posting her controversial videos.

She was considered Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian and slain by her own brother in the name of honor eventually.

It is pertinent to mention here that the suspects namely Mufti Qavi, Aslam Shahid and Abdul Basit involved in her murder are yet to be indicted in the case whereas, our law and enforcement bodies have not brought the culprits to justice even after around two years of her death.

UK PM condemns Qandeel’s murder, says no honor in the so-called honor-based violence

LONDON: Theresa May, the newly appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom condemned the murder of Pakistani model and social media icon Qandeel Baloch in UK’s House of Commons and said there was no honor in the so-called honor-based violence.

She said this in response to a call from Kashmir-born Conservative MP, Nusrat Ghani, who shed light on Baloch’s murder that occurred on July 15.

In her address, Ghani, a Kashmir-born Conservative MP said: “Extremism takes many forms, from the atrocity in Nice to the violent murder of Qandeel Baloch by her own brother in Pakistan, justified as an ‘honor killing’,” the MP for Wealden said.

Facebook deactivated murdered model Qandeel Baloch’s Fan Page

MULTAN: Murdered model Qandeel Baloch’s fan page having 700,000 followers have been deleted by Facebook.

Facebook policy says that an account of a deceased person will automatically be transformed into a memorialized account where friends and family could share memories on the time line. Pages with a sole admin whose account was memorialized are removed from Facebook on receipt of a valid request.

Facebook deletes fan page after death of its sole administrator as in the case of Qandeel Baloch. Her Twitter handle does exist despite deactivation of her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Qandeel Baloch says her life is in danger, seeks security from Interior Ministry

KARACHI: The controversial social media queen Qandeel Baloch has requested the Interior Ministry of Pakistan to provide security to her after her original identities leaked online.

The small time model is “extremely tense and depressive” after some unknown person leaked a picture of her passport containing her original identity on social media. She wrote a letter to the Interior Minister, Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the senior superintendent of Islamabad to provide her full-time security.

Fouzia Azeem, the real name of Qandeel Baloch as written on her passport which is viral on social media these days, is all set to participate in the next season of Salman Khan’s Big Boss.

Qandeel has also requested the top officials to take strict action against those who made her identification documents public using social media networks.

“My life is in danger now,” she said in an interview, “I need foolproof security from the authorities. I am being threatened by unknown phone calls. If anything wrong happens to me, I will not spare anymore.”

Qandeel also took to Twitter and said that such steps are “destroying her image in show biz.

It is pertinent to mention here that a few days back, the controversial model posted selfies and videos in which she was seen with Mufti Abdul Qavi, a senior member of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee. While her selfies shocked the social media and people started to abuse her, she took to her official Facebook fan page to explain it.

“Today I M Literally Feeling Alone In The FightI Tried To Reveal The Real Faces But Actually I M Banged For That…It’s OK… If You People Are Happy To Be Part Of Such Type Of Orthodox People & System Who Teach Others But Themselves Lack All Kind Of Values. Then I Should Not Take Such Steps…Yes… I Am Withdrawing Back From This Selfie Controversy…”

Indian film-maker wants to make a film on Qandeel Baloch’s life

MUMBAI: Indian filmmaker has decided to make a movie based on the life of the slain Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch.

Manish Singh, Indian films director and photographer announced on Monday to soon start the work on the project.

Singh also claimed that he had spoken to Qandeel Baloch two days before her murder and asked about her entry in the reality show ‘Big Boss’.

According to Indian media, the film will be named “Ghairat” (referring to the word ‘honor’ in English) – and it will feature the issue of honor killing in both Pakistan and India.

In an interview, Singh said: “I will soon file a formal request with the Pakistani government to get permission to shoot the film in her native village in Pakistan,” further adding that Qandeel was a revolutionary girl.

“The circumstances made her a controversial person before her death, however, deep within Qandeel was quite a normal human being like most of the women of her age in Karachi or Lahore,” he went on to say.

Talking about his ties with Baloch, he said: “I used to speak to her via telephone 2-3 time in a month and also spoke to her just two days before her death. We were very close to each other for over 18 months.”

“We were discussing a film project and if she could visit India to shoot the film or settle in Mumbai,” Manish Singh said.

Singh also urged the Pakistani government to thoroughly investigate into the every aspect of the murder case.

Qandeel Baloch was strangulated to death by her brother in the name of honor in Green town area near Muzaffarabad, Multan on 16th July.

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