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Inzamam hopes Ramiz Raja to live up to expectations as PCB chief

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ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq has applauded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to appoint Ramiz Raja as the next chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).Ramiz Raja“It is a very good sign because it will be for the first time that a proper cricketer will become the PCB chairman. My good wishes for Ramiz Raja. He understands cricket very well. He has been attached to the cricket [even] after he left it. It never happened that he was away from the game,” Inzamam said on his YouTube channel ‘The Match Winner’. According to Inzamam, Ramiz was well aware of the modern cricket and all the people attached with the game.
“He will definitely have a good idea as how to improve Pakistan cricket and which people can be helpful for that purpose.” Inzamam, however, said that the new assignment would be a big challenge for Ramiz as being a former cricketer people would expect a lot from him. “People will have high expectations from him just like they had hopes from Imran Khan that he is prime minister and cricket should get better now.” He expressed the hope that Ramiz would live up to the billing stating, “I hope good people come into the board and a system is developed.”
“Our cricketing structure should get better. In our domestic system and coaching matters we are lagging behind. Hence we need improvements there,”he informed. “But to improve Pakistan cricket, Ramiz will have to take big and hard decisions. As far a I know him, I am sure he will take bold decisions,” Inzamam added. Earlier, Inzamam-ul-Haq stated the international cricket was not getting enough importance as the players were preferring private leagues over it. He questioned why ICC was not intervening in the matter while prompting the PCB to lodge a complaint. | YouTube Channel


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