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Iqra University celebrates World Philosophy Day

KARACHI: Iqra University celebrated World Philosophy Day here recently to raise awareness and understanding of the subject.

The event, organised by Prof. Dr. Iffet Sultana at the North Campus, was attended by a large number of students, teachers and guests.

Conspicious among others there were the Director of Academics Dr. Syed Ali Raza, Senior Journalist Sameer Mandhro, Faculty Members Uzma Anees, Umme Sumaiya, Imran Raza.

While delivering the keynote address, Dr. Shams Hamid, Dean of Social Sciences at Iqra University, pointed out: “World Philosophy Day is a flagship initiative of UNESCO, established in 2005 to promote the appreciation and awareness of philosophy”.

“The importance of artificial intelligence is increasing rapidly in the world”, he noted.

Dr. Shams Hamid emphasized the importance of critical thinking and the role of philosophy in shaping the understanding of the world.

The Dean urged individuals to reflect on the meaning and purpose of life and the growing relevance of creative and critical thinking in today’s rapidly changing world.

To prepare students for the demands of the 21st century, Iqra University has made philosophy and critical thinking a mandatory subject for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The event featured a variety of student contributions, including posters, videos, drama performances, and thought-provoking discussions.