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Is PPP-P’s Zardari plotting to kill PTI’s IK?

LAHORE: PTI Chief Imran Khan, in a televised speech claimed that PPP President Asif Zardari has given Sindh Govt’s money to a terrorist organisation to assassinate him.

“Powerful people have hatched a plan C to kill me, in which Asif Zardari has given Sindh Government’s money to a terrorist organisation”, Imran Khan stated.

“I am informing the nation, never forgive them if anything happens to me,” he added.

Former PM Imran Khan described that three plots had been hatched to kill him:

Plan A: Four people who had planned to kill him backed-off when he revealed the plot in a public address.

Plan B: Pointing towards the Wazirabad incident Imran Khan said that he knew about that too and revealed it in public rallies.

Plan C: Zardari, who has unlimited corrupt money (looted from Sindh Government) is behind this plot.

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