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Islamabad Police nabs Sheikh Rashid

ISLAMABAD: AML Chief and PTI ally Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was arrested by the Capital Police in a late night raid Thursday (2nd of Feb 2023) from his residence here.

Sheikh Rashid in video message claimed that he was taken into custody sans any warrant.

PTI Chief Imran Khan took to the Twitter to condemn the arrest: “Strongly condemn arrest of Sh Rasheed. Never in our history have we had such a biased, vindictive Caretaker govt appt by totally discredited ECP.

Question is can Pak afford a street movement which we are being pushed towards at a time when we have been bankrupted by Imported Govt?”

PTI Tweeted: “How many more arrests, how many more frivolous FIRs you will do? Will this improve the economic conditions of Pakistanis? Think about Pakistan, our country is going down and the regime is busy in unleashing fascism!”

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