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Alvi did not sign bills amending Army Act, Secrets Law?

ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi took to the Twitter to claim that he did not sign Official Secrets Amendment Bill 2023 & Pakistan Army Amendment Bill 2023 as he disagreed with those laws.

“As God is my witness, I did not sign Official Secrets Amendment Bill 2023 & Pakistan Army Amendment Bill 2023 as I disagreed with these laws.

I asked my staff to return the bills unsigned within stipulated time to make them ineffective.

I confirmed from them many times that whether they have been returned & was assured that they were.

However I have found out today that my staff undermined my will and command.

As Allah knows all, He will forgive IA.

But I ask forgiveness from those who will be effected”.

Commenting on this debacle former law minister Barrister Syed Ali Zafar noted: “President’s assent issue. If President did not sign bills then there is no assent.

Without assent the two bills are not law. Reason: Article 70 of Constitution says so.

Deemed assent only applies after joint Parliament sends bills back. Will explain in next part.

Radio Pakistan Added:

“The Ministry of Law and Justice has noted with grave concern President Dr Arif Alvi’s recent tweet.

“The Ministry in a press release stated that as per Article 75 of the Constitution, when a Bill is sent for assent, the President has two options: either give assent, or refer the matter to the parliament with specific observations.

“Article 75 does not provide for any third option.

“In the instant matter, neither of the requirements was fulfilled.

“Instead, the President purposely delayed the assent.

“Returning the bills without any observations or assent is not provided for in the Constitution.

“Such a course of action is against the letter and spirit of the constitution.

“If the President had any observations, he could have returned the bills with his observations like he did in the recent and distant past.

“He could have also issued a press release to that effect.

“It is a matter of concern that the President has chosen to discredit his own officials.

“The President should take responsibility for his own actions”.

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