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Italian Cuisine in Karachi

KARACHI: Enrico Alfonso Ricciardi, Attaché Consulate General of Italy (Karachi, Pakistan), while speaking about Italian Cuisine here stated: “When I have the nostalgia of Italian Food, I go to Pomo – an incredible pizzeria where it is possible to find true Italian pizza.

“It is real astonishing! They serve extremely good pizza to their clients as they use Buffalo Mozzarella (which is produced here).

“You see, Pizza is a very simple food. But you need to have the right ingredients: One, as I said, is the Buffalo Mozzarella.  Then they use very good Italian Tomato Sauce. Also the pizza dough is very light.

“At Pomo (among other dishes) I can also find Ravioli with an incredible sauce made with basil leaves, seeds of a pine tree and garlic. It is extremely tasty. I think this is their secret. So, whenever I need to ‘dip myself in Italian kitchen’, I go there!”

Imran Aziz Bandukda (Pomo/Pompei) spoke exclusively to NPTV about his career as a restaurateur and the cuisine his outlets offer.

NPTV) why you opted to be a restaurateur?

IAB) It was sort of an accidental choice. When I first came back after completing my studies I got involved in my parents’ textile business.

It was a family-owned business and it was expected that all the sons and cousins will get involved.

That was the way it was supposed to be. But I wanted to do something a bit different.

Back in 2004 we opened the first Pompei. It came about as a project like a collaboration oar a partnership between me and my childhood friend Kashif Sattar.

We thought it would be something just to occupy us, may be give us a little additional income.

At that point we did not think that it would become a change or a career trajectory that would eventually lead to where we are today.

It was not meant to be that. Alhamdulilla! It turned out that way.

I did my undergraduate in business operations and marketing from Indiana University Bloomington. Then I worked for a year in Chicago. Later I commenced a MBA program.

When I came back I had sort of work and study. I was away from Pakistan for almost seven to eight years. And I believe that period also taught me a bit about the restaurant industry, taught me bit about food and cooking.

Because I took an interest in cooking as many people do when they are in college. They miss the food they eat at home.

So we try to replicate recipes, we try to get inspired by new things. So I guess the interest in cooking came in those years.

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