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Journalist Zeba Burney was killed by an ex- lodger of apt. complex

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KARACHI: As had earlier insinuated that killing of Sr. Journalist on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr was a crime committed by an insider, it transpired that she was strangulated via electric wire by an ex-lodger of the apt. building called Kashif Jameel.

According to details the accused, who has been apprehended by Police, was forced to leave the place due to non-payment of rent. The murdered journalist used to live alone and never opened gate for strangers.

Since she knew the accused Kashif she allowed him in. But when he tried to rob her she resisted and the panicked accused killed her.

The victim, who has worked as a journalist for three decades, has also held an office in the Karachi Press Club.


Media Unions condemn murder of senior journalist Zeba Burney


KARACHI: As the Eid festivities entered its third day, journalists of the city received a shocking news apropos murder of a senior journalist Zeba Burni. 

This scribe has attempted to find a picture of her but could not despite quite some effort. So much for the number of media associations of the country.

Source privy to NewsPakistan.TV have insinuated that she was not killed resisting a robbery in her Khudadad Colony apartment but was strangled to death by someone known to her.

Sources reported that she never opened the door for those not known to her. Sindh CM has asked the police to probe the matter and arrest the culprits immediately.

G. M. Jamali speaking on behalf of PFUJ as its Secretary General has condemned the murder.