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Kashmir Issue: India announces restoration of Cellular Phone service in IoK

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SRINAGAR: GoI announced here on Saturday (12th October, 2019) that it would restore Cellular Phone service in IoK.


Government spokesman Rohit Kansal while addressing a Presser here informed that all phones linked to a monthly subscription would stand restored and be functional from noon of Monday 14th day of October, 2019 all over Indian Occupied Kashmir. However, Rohit Kansal did not inform whether the internet service would also be restored or not. 


Terming the restoration of Mobile Phone Service as too little too late, Iltija Mufti (daughter of former IoK CM Mehbooba Mufti presently under detention) noted that sans internet paying mobile bills would not be possible hence opening mobile service was pointless.


Internet and mobile phone services remained blocked since 5th day of August when Modi-led Indian Government had stripped Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir of its special status as an autonomous state. Pundits at the helm of affairs are reckoning this development apropos unblocking of mobile phone services as a result of augmenting international pressure on the GoI.


A relevant piece published earlier: 

Rights of the people of Kashmir must be respected: US Sen. Elizabeth Warren

WASHINGTON: US Senator, (former teacher,) and candidate for president Elizabeth Warren, has taken to Twitter to express her concern about the state of affairs in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. 

“The US-India partnership has always been rooted in our shared democratic values. I’m concerned about recent events in Kashmir, including a continued communications blackout and other restrictions. The rights of the people of Kashmir must be respected,” Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren held. 

It is pertinent to mention here that on 1st of September Democrat Bernie Sanders expressed identical concerns. While speaking at the annual convention of  the Islamic Society of North America in Houston Sanders terming Indian action in IOJK as unacceptable, said he was deeply concerned about the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir and asked the US government to speak out boldly in support of UN-backed peaceful resolution to the dispute.

US Senator Chris Van Hollen denied permission to visit IOJK

Washington Post has reported today that US Senator Chris Van Hollen has informed that he was refused permission to visit (Indian Occupied) Kashmir on his trip to India this week as the Indian government’s clampdown in the restive region enters its third month.US SenatorAccording to Washington Post Van Hollen is one of the nearly fifty members of the Congress who had expressed concern over the IoK situation.

The newspaper further reported that Indian authorities had deployed thousands of additional troops, shut down mobile service and Internet access, detained over three thousand people and almost all the IOJK’s political leadership.

“The Indian government says the detentions and restrictions on communication are necessary to prevent violent and potentially deadly protests in response to its announcement,” reported The Washington Post while informing its readers that the Indian crackdown coincided with Modi Government’s proclamation on 5th of August (2019) about stripping IoK of its special status as an autonomous state.

Van Hollen, a Democrat who represents Maryland, while giving an interview at New Delhi told The Washington Post that he had asked to go to Kashmir so he could see the reality on the ground for himself: “If the Indian government has nothing to hide, they should not worry about people visiting Kashmir and witnessing the situation with their own eyes”. 

The Washington Post further reported Senator Chris Van Hollen as saying: “As the world’s two largest democracies, India and the United States talk a lot about our shared values. I think this is a moment where transparency is important.”

It is pertinent to mention here that in the month of September, (2019) Van Hollen proposed an amendment to an appropriators bill that referred explicitly to the restrictions implemented by India.  According to The Washington Post while encouraging enhanced engagement with India on issues of mutual interest, also noted “with concern the current humanitarian crisis in Kashmir” and called on the Indian government to restore communications and release detainees.

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