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KP Info. Min. says opp.’s APC to negatively impact Kashmir cause!

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PESHAWAR: Minister for Information KP Shaukat Yousafzai has said today the opposition was a group of vested interest that has caused damage to Kashmir cause by calling All Parties Conference (APC) at this critical hour.
“Calling APC by the opposition at this crucial juncture is like stabbing a dagger into Kashmir cause from behind and the so-called event is all about fun for them to eat and drink,” the provincial information minister said while commenting on the opposition’s move to call an APC on current situation.
He said that divisions has taken place into ranks of the opposition that had no substantial reason or agenda to use against the government, adding opposition leaders were facing corruption charges and their third leadership in row was participating in the APC.
Currently, the KP information minister added the first leadership of the opposition was behind bars while the second was ill, augmenting chances for Mualana Fazl-ur- Rehman to remain all alone in the next meeting.
He said Mualana Fazl-ur- Rehman was day dreaming to lead March towards Islamabad under the garb of Islam, adding the government had been struggling for protection of Kashmiris’ rights while the opposition is out to serve their personal interest.
He said there was always moaning and complaining in such APC of the opposition without any solid or concrete agenda to deliberate upon.
He said Mualana Fazl-ur-Rehman who had been chairman of the Kashmir Committee in past should have mercy on the people of Kashmir, instead.



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