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KU Re-Launches Science Journal

KARACHI: KU on Tuesday re-launched the Karachi University Journal of Science and also inaugurated the logo of the faculty of science.

On this occasion, the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, while addressing the faculty members here at the Dean Science Council Room, said that the purpose of universities in this age is not only to teach, but they should also research to find solutions by understanding the needs and problems of the society.

He mentioned that universities are supposed to provide suggestions to policymakers in formulating policies. The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said that good researches are only possible when you take an impartial and non-partisan approach and play a positive role in tackling the challenges facing the country.

He observed that the teachers are pillars of the institutions and their teaching methods and research would surely provide solutions to the problems of our societies.

He informed the audience that in the last two or three years, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, more than six research journals have been recognized by the Higher Education Commission-Islamabad, thanks to the hard work of our faculty and researchers.

“We are all well aware that we have limited resources but many of our problems can be easily solved if we perform our duties diligently.”

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi also congratulated the Department of Food Science and Technology, and the Department of Agriculture and Agriculture Business Management, on receiving accreditation from the National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council and appreciated the efforts of the teachers of both the departments.

Meanwhile, the KU Dean Faculty of Science Professor Dr Nasira Khatoon, while briefing the participants about the aims and objectives of the Karachi University Journal of Science, which has been re-launched and also available online, hoped that the said journal would soon establish a prominent place in scientific circles.

She observed that arranging and conducting seminars, conferences and regular training workshops along with regular teaching and research activities help achieve accreditation from the relevant councils and expressed that other departments would soon accreditation from the concerned authorities.

While talking about the newly launched logo of the faculty, she mentioned that to represent the faculty of science, it was decided that the faculty of science should have its logo which can also be presented as a senior and that is why this logo was designed and soon we would apply for its registration at the concerned department. | YouTube Channel

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