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Leadership in Early Childhood Education

KARACHI: A highly successful seminar on the theme of Leadership in Early Childhood Education – A Psychological Perspective was held at the auditorium of SZABIST University on Wednesday (31st March 31st, 2023).

The event was meticulously organized by the exceptional students of Advanced Educational Psychology & Educational Leadership and Management, under the distinguished guidance of Dr. Najmunnisa Khan (seasoned educationist who heads the Education Department of SZABIST) and Ms. Sadiya Durrani.

Thanks to this remarkable collaboration, every participant got profoundly immersed in a truly transformative and impactful experience.

KARACHI: The Education Department at SZABIST University arranged a highly successful seminar on the theme of ‘Leadership in Early Childhood Education: A Psychological Perspective’.

The event brought together educators, researchers, and professionals interested in exploring the role of leadership in early childhood education from a psychological standpoint.

The seminar commenced with a keynote speaker followed by stimulating panel discussion featuring esteemed experts in the field. The panelists, shared their insights and expertise on the psychological aspects of leadership in early childhood education.

Dr. Iffet Sultana, a distinguished expert in Early Childhood Education and Inclusion, then presented a compelling case study.

Drawing from her experiences working with her Artist daughter Syeda Alishba Amin’ud-Din,

Dr. Sultana highlighted the transformative power of early childhood education in nurturing inclusivity.

The case study showcased the remarkable progress achieved by Alishba and served as an inspiration for creating inclusive educational environments.

The seminar facilitated active engagement among the attendees, encouraging discussions, questions, and the exchange of ideas.

Participants had the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, fostering networking and collaboration.

The diverse perspectives and collaborative atmosphere created a fertile ground for knowledge sharing and innovation.

Overall, the seminar on “Leadership in Early Childhood Education – A Psychological Perspective” offered a comprehensive exploration of the topic, providing participants with valuable insights and practical strategies for effective leadership.

It served as a platform for collaboration and networking, driving the advancement of leadership practices in early childhood education.

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