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Lesser migratory birds are coming to Pakistan

KARACHI: Today (9th of May, 2020), when the world is observing World Migratory Bird Day, environmentalists wonder why lesser Siberian fowls are landing in Pakistan.

The decline commenced some thirty years ago and according to a probe, carried out during 2019 winter, some 70% lesser (150,000 local and migratory) waterfowl landed at aquatic destinations.

With the dropping of mercury (below thirty degrees Celsius) in Siberia the birds opt for Green Route. Out of 19 landing sites in Pakistan where birds descends towards the end of August, 10 are located in Sindh.

Following a brief respite at Thatta, Rann of Kutch and Thar coastal areas, they move towards Thatta’s Haleji, Keenjhar and Hadbero lakes. An enormous number of birds land at Larkana’s Langh Lake, Drigh Lake and the Hamal Lake in the Qamber district. They commence their voyage back home in the month of February with no trace to be found by March.

Savants say due to a number of reasons (lesser rainfalls, water shortage in the canal system, water changing from sweet to saline, release of untreated pollutants, over-hunting/netting, speed-boating and transformation of lands into fish farms, agricultural or residential  areas) birds are opting for safer skies elsewhere.  An expert has also insinuated that the 40 years of Afghan War too had contributed towards reducing the number of migratory birds.

World Migratory Bird Day is a campaign to augment awareness apropos migratory birds and the need to act globally for their conservation. This year the theme of World Migratory Bird Day is “Birds Connect Our World” and was chosen to highlight the importance of conserving and restoring the ecological connectivity and integrity of ecosystems that support the natural cycles that are essential for the survival and well-being of migratory birds.

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, in his statement on the occasion held: “Migratory birds connect people, ecosystems and nations. Their epic journeys are symbols of our interconnected planet. World Migratory Bird Day is an opportunity to celebrate the great natural wonder of bird migration – but also a reminder that those patterns, and ecosystems worldwide, are threatened by habitat destruction and climate change. I urge Governments and people everywhere to take concerted conservation action that will help to ensure the birds’ survival — and our own.” | YouTube Channel

Dr. Iffet Sultana

Prof. Dr. Iffet Sultana PhD (Education), IQRA University, M.Phil. (Environmental Education) IQRA University, Master’s in Educational Administration & Management (University of Karachi). Dr. Iffet Sultana has been associated with IQRA University as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management Sciences, Department of Business Administration since 2013. Her PhD Thesis is on “Girls’ Access & Equity in Primary Education in the Slum Areas of Karachi”. In the past, she has worked for the Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan. She has presented numerous research papers in National and International Conferences. Her areas of special interest are Girls’ Education, Inclusive Education, Environmental Education and Gender Studies. She has been actively teaching and stimulating student’s interest in Social Science and Developmental Sciences Subjects including Education, Sociology, Psychology & other Contemporary Subjects. Dr. Sultana is also associated with various NGOs in the capacity of Consultant. Writes for News as Contributing Editor (particularly focusing on the UN International Days.)

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