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Londoners re-elect Sadiq Khan as their Mayor

LONDON: Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to become Mayor of a major Western Capital in 2016 has been re-elected by Londoners on Saturday (8th of May, 2021). 

Khan, who had focused his campaign on creating employment and augmenting tourism tourism industry of the city, stated: “I am deeply humbled by the trust Londoners have placed in me to continue leading the greatest city on earth…I promise to strain every sinew to help build a better and brighter future for London after the dark days of the pandemic.”

It is pertinent to mention here that this time his winning margin was smaller than his victory half a decade ago when the (then) 46-year-old Sadiq Khan acquired 44% votes  against the runner-up’s 35% votes.  This year he won by 55.2% to runner-up’s 44.8%

Sadiq Khan is a law graduate from University of North London. He has been a Member of Parliament since 2005. | YouTube Channel


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