You are currently viewing “Made in Pakistan” trend getting popularity on social media
Made in Pakistan” trend getting popularity on social media

“Made in Pakistan” trend getting popularity on social media

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ISLAMABAD: The most renowned trend “Made in Pakistan” is getting popularity on social media nowadays and becomes one of the top trend on twitter with the slogans like” Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani”, “Be a proud Pakistani”, “No more imported products”, “Buy only made in Pakistan”, “Pakistan Bachao Doller Girao” and “Say No to DOLLAR”.
Many noted personalities including politicians, religious scholars, social activities and showbiz stars also joined the move to rebound the depreciating value of Pakistani rupee against dollar.
Through this move Pakistanis were encouraging to buy only local products to reduce the import bill and recoil the value of Pakistani rupee.
Ezal Khan on his twitter account wrote that “It’s always seems impossible until it’s done. From decades we have been hearing that we are economically weak. Let’s be united and make our economy strong by taking small steps. Start from yourself and i start from myself”.
Asmat Ali Abassi shared his views that “it’s time to forget about who you are. Whether you support PTI, PMLN, PPP or any other political party, It’s time to be united for our nation and economy and let’s show to world that our first priority is our national interest
Syed Shoaib Gillani has said on his account that “Be a proud Pakistani, save your country Economy and boycott all imported items which we have to pay buy dollars”.
Zain Khan Khalil was of the view that our country was passing through worst economic crisis but unfortunately most of people are exploiting this situation by converting their money in PKR to USD. It clearly defines our nation’s character. I wish we had a collective conscience towards patriotism like Turkey.