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Mala Begum’s 29th death anniversary observed



Mala Begum 29th death anniversary

ISLAMABAD: 29th death anniversary of renowned artist and playback singer of Pakistan film industry, Mala Begum was observed across the country on Wednesday.

In the 60s and the 70s, the film industry in Pakistan had a rich pool of female singers, Mala Begum was of the top female voices in the country and along with, Madam Noor Jehan and Runa Laila and she ruled the hearts till the mid 70s.

Her real name was Naseem Nazli and she sang many super-hit songs in almost two decades of her singing career in the 1960s and 1970s.

She had been interested in singing and music from a young age and her greatest accomplishment was “Akele Na Jana”.

She sang many super hit songs in almost two decades singing career. She won the Nigar Award for best singer for the film ‘Ishq pe zor Nhi’. In 1965, she won the Nigar Award again, this time for the film Naila.

She died on March 6, 1990.

Here are some of her other super hit film songs: Dil deta hai ro ro duhai (Ishq par zor nahin 1963);Agar tum pyar se dekho to apni jan; Tujh peh qurban, dilbar jan (Sarhad 1966);Shama ka Shola bharak raha hai (Aadil 1966); Dil mein basaya pyar se ham ne (Jaag utha Insaan 1966); Kise awaz dun, tere siwa… (Sharik-e-Hayyat 1968);Tere gham se mohabbat ho geye hai (Shab bakhair 1968); Too ne bar bar kiya mujhe beqarar (Saza 1970);Chaley thandi hawa chham chham (Najma 1970).


The Legend of Maula Jatt controversy



LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) today issued a stay order against the upcoming film The Legend of Maula Jatt.
The court restrained respondents, including producer, writer and
others, of the film from unauthorized use of the title, characters, story and music of a 1979 Punjabi blockbuster Maula Jatt, besides issuance of censor certificate.
Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan passed the interim orders while hearing an appeal, filed by Sarwar Bhatti, producer of original movie ‘Maula Jatt’ against an order of the Intellectual Property Tribunal.
The petitioner’s counsel, Ahsan Masood, argued that his client produced film Maula Jatt in 1979 and no one could use the title, music, script, and dialogues of the film as per the Copy Rights Act. However, the respondents produced a film titled The Legend of Maula Jatt in violation of the act without obtaining authorization from his client and got a censor certificate for its exhibition as well, he added.
He contended that the film violated the copyrights and pleaded with the court to issue directions for action against illegal production and exhibition of the film while setting aside the orders of the Intellectual Property Tribunal. He also pleaded with the court to restrain the respondents from using the title, script, and dialogues of the film Maula Jatt, and issuance of the censor certificate.
However, a lawyer on behalf of the respondents opposed the plea saying that no violation had been committed. But the court, after hearing arguments, issued the stay order against the film and adjourned further hearing till 6th June.


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Pathany Khan’s death anniversary observed



ISLAMABAD: Famous folk singer Pathany Khan 19th death anniversary was observed on Saturday.

Folk Stars Group organized a special get together event and paid tributes to a great folk singer for his contribution.

Folk Stars Group leading folk singer Laila Jutti said that Pathany Khan was a legend singer who had received Pride of Performance Award.

She said that the folk stars group specially organized a special event to pay homage to the legendary folk singer of the country.

Others Folk singers and artists were includes Sonu Shah, Faraz Ali Khan, Hikmat Awan, Asif Mir, Rizwan Jan, Ishaq K. Ghori, Shella Hasan, Tariq Warriaich, Munahil Faridi, Farrukh Khan, Ahmed Ali Niazi, Shahid Ali Khan, Javed Shah, R.J Zeshan, Sadaqat, Naeem Shahzad, Wahid Sheikh, Saud Sano, Azhar Awan and Dr. Shaheen.

Pathanay Khan was a legendary folk singer of the country. He mostly sang kafis, ghazals and poetry of Sufi saints Khawaja Ghulam Farid and Shah Hussain.

He was born in 1926 in the village Basti Tambu Wali, situated in the heart of the Thal Desert, several miles from Kot Addu.

Pathanay Khan was totally devoted to Khwaja Farid. He gave his own deeper meaning to Khwaja Sahib’s poetry through his typical style of spirited singing.

The most famous of his kafis are mendha ishq vi tu, cheena eeen chirreenda yar, ghoom charakhra, mera ranjhan hun koi hore.

He died after a protracted illness at his native town, Kot Addu on March 9, 2000.





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US Envoy at Large Sam Brownback speaks of religious pluralism



ISLAMABAD:  US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback visited Pakistan to discuss how the two countries could work together to advance religious freedom and promote interfaith dialogue and respect both here and globally.

US Envoy Paul Jones introduced Sam Brownback to Pak-American rock musician Salman Ahmad of Junoon who took part in a conversation held here at the US diplomatic mission on promoting religious pluralism and respect. Salman shared a powerful message of living his faith and how a central message of all faiths should be peace & harmony.

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Samuel D. Brownback, US Envoy at Large, visits Pakistan

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