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Martial arts could pose severe threats to your kids: report

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NEW YORK: Following a fresh study scholars have advised that children should be careful choosing what martial they should learn.

As per the estimates, some 6.5 million kids in U.S. learn mixed martial arts, karate, taekwondo and judo etc.

Though such well-liked sports could perk-up fitness, motor aptitudes and emotional expansion, they are also considered perilous for children.  

Author of the study, Dr. Chris Koutures held:  “There are so many different types of martial arts for families to consider and enjoy. But the injury risk varies between non-contact and sparring forms.”

It has further been learnt that specific practices in mixed martial arts could hold a graver jeopardy of concussion, suffocation, spine injury, arterial ruptures or other head and neck damages such as through blows to the skull, recurring head pushes to the ground and choking movements.

Koutures further noted: “We hope that this report will enable pediatricians to help families select the most appropriate options for their child and realize how strongly certain practices and rules can impact a participant’s safety.”

The experts further rounded this study, published in the journal Pediatrics, up by delineating that if parents like such sports so they can permit their kids to engage in non-contact sorts of martial arts.