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Why milk is disappearing from young people’s diet?  

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LONDON: It has been observed that jeune folks tend to avoid milk consumption.

As per the Food Standards Agency (FSA), a purposeful evasion of milk is getting widespread.

According to FSA 46 percent 16-24-year-old and eight percent above the age of 75 years, fantasize themselves as allergens of cow’s milk.

Whereas, British Nutrition Foundation demonstrated that merely five percent people are suffering from an actual concern about having difficulty in digesting (sugar in milk called) lactose.

It is to be noted that people deliberately start swapping dairy products with its alternatives. However, such approaches are believed to be unhealthy.

Health and wellness connoisseurs go haywire about such harmful trends that influence kids to omit milk from their diets.

When a person eliminates specific foods from his/her diets, they literally harm their brains and bodies.

Experts believe that a healthy diet harbors everything in moderation. As a matter of fact, the trend to shun milk pushes us to be scared of food.

Excluding a particular item might not trigger beaucoup troubles initially. However, it makes a person exclude further stuff that is certainly hazardous.

That leads them to anorexia, a mental eating chaos that triggers severe and unnecessary desires to reduce body mass and fuzzy sensitivity of self-image and body.

Savants claimed in a study conducted by Harvard University that this trend is linked with a petit peril of becoming obese.

There is a need to understand that milk-free trend is only making us unhealthy.  

Not to mention that living merely on vegetables is as bad for our health as gulping down only junk foods. Besides, it is injurious for our brain too.

Thus, consume every kind of food, do work outs and live a healthy, happy and enduring life span!