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Movies: Liazid, a promising Franco-Algerian actor


PARIS: Karim Liazid, who is emerging as a promising Franco-Algerian actor, commenced his career as a DG for a large international company.

Polyglot Karim Liazid, who speaks French, English, and Arabic, studied Commerce and Accounting before entering the practical life. After working as  Commercial Director for a few years he grasped at a professional opportunity abroad in Algeria and became the DG of a large international company in the computer distribution Hyperdist CIS. A Franco-Lebanese group**.

But after three years of service, he returned to Paris with a determination to transform his dream of becoming a movie actor into reality. Venturing into the unknown terrain he was conscious of the sacrifices he had to offer.

In 1989, he began his two-year training as a comedian “COURS D’ART DRAMATIC” ADA LONATI.  Thereafter, each year, he reinforced his training through various comedian workshops. At ACTORS NATATION in 2013, he was enriched by the method Sandford Meisner*, Construction of the Physical and Mental Character.

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Gerard Depardieu were his inspiration. Now he is striving to get the hang of the method of Constantin Stanislavsky in the art of dramatic art preferred method of the American schools.


* The interpretation method Sanford Meisner increases the ability of an actor to appear convincing and credible.

** Expression journal publication ->