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My 11 points will make Pakistan great: Imran Khan

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LAHORE: While addressing a rally at Minar-e-Pakistan (that PTI termed as the mother of all Jalsas)  Imran Khan gave eleven points that, he said, would make the country great! He further claimed that his 11 points would make Pakistan great.

Imran Khan’s 11-point manifesto:

1) First priority will be EDUCATION: Uniform-syllabus will be introduced all over the country;

2) HEALTH: Medical  facilities like Shaukat Khanum Hospital will be built to provide quality service to the populace;

3) TAX: Money will be collected by the people of Pakistan to repay the external debt. No more external debt will be acquired;

4) CORRUPTION: Institutions, including judiciary will be made stronger. Corruption & Money Laundering will be contained. Police Reforms; NAB and FIA would be strengthened;

5) ENERGY: Prices of Electricity, Gas and Diesel will not be increased. While investment in this sector will be made, people will be provided relief via subsidy. 

6) HOUSING: 5 million low-cost housing units will be constructed; 

7) AGRICULTURE: Research universities will be established. Reforms will be introduced;

8) PROVINCIAL AUTONOMY: South Punjab will be made a province. FATA will be merged into KP;

9) EMPLOYMENT/TOURISM: Youth will be provided jobs; Tourism will also play a part in ameliorating the financial condition of youth;

10) ENVIRONMENT: Ten billion trees will be planted all over Pakistan;

11) WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: Girls will be provided education. Women police stations will be established. 



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