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NADRA’s innovative steps

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ISLAMABAD: National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) Chairman Tariq Malik on Tuesday briefed the delegation of the Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) on NADRA’s latest innovative digital public good and services anchored in digital ID ecosystem.

The OPP’s delegation, comprised of Professor Stephen Blyth, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Dr. Nick Brown, Principal of Linacre College, Professor Dr. Adeel Malik, Dr. Talha Jamal Pirzada, Haroon Zaman, Dr. Mohsin Javed, Minahil Saqib and Ahmed Owais Pirzada, was called on the NADRA chairman here at its headquarters, said a news release.

The delegation of renowned scholars of academia, researchers and Pakistani origin Professors at the Oxford University is currently on its special visit to Pakistan under Oxford Pakistan Program (OPP) to witness NADRA’s initiatives for digital transformation and to explore opportunities for collaboration on new ethical standards for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its various digital interventions including use of Digital ID for e-governance and sustainable development.

“We would appreciate the knowledge sharing on ethical use of AI by collaborating with New Oxford Schwartzman Institute. We are also working in close collaboration with the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government in showcasing NADRA’s experience in the use of digital ID for e-governance and sustainable development,” said Tariq Malik while elaborating the collaboration with Oxford University.

“We believe that use of digital technologies in coping with aftermaths of crises, pandemic and disasters provide used cases for states struggling with climate adaptation and resilience,” he maintained. Likewise, he said architecting social programs using NADRA’s foundational database had lessons for struck nations.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Stephen Blyth, Principal of Lady Margret Hall said, “It was very learning opportunity from NADRA’s data being used appropriately and perfectly.

He said NADRA had built extraordinary capability and clarity about digital ID program in providing solutions for identification, e-governance and secure documents facilitating the public at large. “We are quite hopeful that NADRA will reach new heights of success in digital transformation and AI through unmatched innovation.”

“We are hugely impressed by the excellent work done by NADRA, which is really at par with global best practices. In fact, other countries have much to learn from the technological frontier NADRA has reached”, stated Blyth.

The distinguished visitors from Oxford University also assured that they will support NADRA in accessing the best knowledge resources at Oxford, including the newly established institute of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.