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‘No chance of improvement’ in bad relations with US: Russian envoy

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MOSCOW: Russia’s United Nation’s ambassador Vassily Nebenzia has said that there are no obvious chances of any kind of improvement in ‘practically non-existent’ relations between Moscow and Washington.

“The US and Russia need to talk about global issues including strategic stability, terrorism, narcotics and regional conflicts,” Nebenzia  said in a recent wide-ranging interview with a small group of journalists, adding that he thinks President Trump “understands pretty well that it’s better to cooperate”.

But he said that because Russia has become a major issue in US domestic policies accused of hacking and interfering in the 2016 US elections — which is being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller — “and given the vulnerabilities that drift around this administration, I don’t see too bright prospects for improving (relations) any time soon”.

Nebenzia echoed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s view that Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of Syria was a good move, though he expressed some scepticism about whether the announcement will become a reality.