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No increase in petroleum prices: Miftah

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Miftah Ismail on Tuesday while rubbishing the rumours, clarified that the government had made no increase in the petroleum prices.

In a Tweet, the minister said that there is no summary or plan to increase the petroleum prices.

“In the pre-budget seminar I never even spoke about petroleum prices. Channels running these tickers are doing a disservice to their viewers.

“There will be no increase in prices today and there is no summary or plan to raise prices”, the minister tweeted.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Tuesday refuted the rumors circulating in different sections of the media about another raise in the prices of petroleum products.

The minister, in a tweet, said the speculations on the increase of petroleum products’ prices were “absolutely false”. No decision had been taken by the government in that regard.

“Do not pay heed to such rumors,” she appealed to the media and public. “There is no shortage of petroleum products in the country. Avoid spreading rumors.” | YouTube Channel

Ammar Ahmed

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