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Norway court orders Bow-and-Arrow Killer held in detention at a medical facility

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KONGSBERG (Norway): A Norway court citing his mental health on Friday (15th of October, 2021) has ordered that Espen Andersen Brathen (the man attacked and killed five people using bow-and-arrow) be held in detention at a medical facility. 

Norway’s intelligence service PST stated on Thursday (14th of Oct 2021) that a bow-and-arrow attack that claimed lives of five people (4 women & a man between the ages of 50 & 70) and wounded three (including an off duty cop) on 13th day of Oct, seemed to be an act of terror but an investigation would reveal the motivation behind the crime.

The attack was carried out at several locations in the town center. According to Police the 37-year-old Espen Andersen Braathen (a radicalized Muslim convert Danish citizen based here) who allegedly committed the crime, was nabbed and was taken to a police station in the nearby town of Drammen. While Erna Solberg (on her last day in office as PM) said those events shook them, the new PM Jonas Gahr Stoere called the attack horrific.

Mayor Kari Anne Sand while assuring that health and social services officials were endeavoring to care for those who needed assistance, called the development a nightmare: “The town was attacked last night and five people died. I think most of the inhabitants are in quite a shock that such a thing could happen here. This is a quiet town, a quiet municipality.” 

Meanwhile, police blocked off the scene of the attack. In order to contain the situation ambulances,  armed police, helicopter and bomb disposable squad were sent to the scene of crime.  Although in Norway police personnel operate sans guns, following this incident, the National Police Directorate ordered that officers be armed nationwide.

The bow-and-arrow attacker Espen Andersen Braathen was known to the Police as he had earlier been convicted for burglary as well as drug possession. Since last year he had threatened to kill one of his parents, he was ordered by a court of law to stay away from them for a period of six months. | YouTube Channel

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