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Nowshera blaze put off after 7 hrs

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NOWSHERA: 150 firefighters strived for seven hours to contain the huge blaze that erupted at Taru oil depot here on Saturday evening.

On realizing severity of the fire, Rescue Nowshera center also sought help from Mardan and Charsadda from where fire tenders rushed to the spot.

Earlier, the fire brigade, attempted to douse the blaze with water that further facilitated the inferno to spread fast. Later they used foam to contain the fire.

The fire tenders commenced their operation from different angles and managed to contain the blaze after seven hours of continuous struggle.

There were over 150 oil tankers parked at Taru Oil Depot. While 49 caught fire  most of the tankers were safely taken out of the premises.

According to the dealers 23,00,000 liters of petrol was burnt and overall they suffered a loss of rupees one billion and 63 crore.

According to the Sarhad Petroleum and Cartage Dealers Association the incendie (caused by short-circuit) could result into shortage of fuel in KP during Eid-ul-Fitr holidays and beyond. | YouTube Channel

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