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Online seminar ‘Search for the D to Design’ held for art students

LAHORE: The Punjab University’s Department of Graphic Design Thursday (27th of May, 2021) organised an online seminar, ‘Search for the D to Design’ for the students of art and design.
The aim of the seminar was to help students in planning their projects and to rationalize their ideas and approaches. Ali Aslam from an advertisement agency and Aisha A Bilal, a design practitioner from the academia, were the instructors while Prof Dr Ahmad Bilal and Israr Chishti, chairman Department of Graphic Design, conducted the program.
Addressing the participants, Dr Ahmad Bilal said that as a designer, the challenge was not to sell a new product but to sell any product in a new way. He added the letter D stands for the Direction, as new Digital World that has opened so many new doors on the designers and also brought new challenges. He said that D also stands for the Direction and it clarifies your ways and paths. He said the design students need to make their thesis projects align to the modern requirements by engaging themselves with the new opportunities.
Ali Aslam gave an informative lecture on the new brand launching and existing brand designs, product truth, consumer insight, functional benefits, emotional benefits, brand personality, big ideas and campaigns.
Ayesha Bilal gave a brief definition of design development. She said that being a student it was their responsibility to explore different ways. She advised them not to make a product design for selling purposes but for exploring something new. “You cannot design unless you love designing,” she added.
Prof Israr Chishti knitted all information with mastery, so that the students could understand the crux of talks.
Prof Dr Samina Nasim, Dr Ufaq, Farjood Rizvi, Humaira Umar, Aqsa Nadeem, and more than 70 students, of MFA, BFA, MPhil and PhD attended the seminar.
Later, Principal College of Art and Design Dr Sumera Jawad, thanked the instructors and coordinators for organizing the program. | YouTube Channel



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