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COVID-19’s new victim is Tour de France

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PARIS: Tour de France, that was expected to attract 4500 cyclists from all over the globe by 19th July, is the latest victim of the mysterious Coronavirus pandemic.

According to details the organizers, after calling the race off, is pondering over new dates to hold the world’s biggest cycling event. Though the Amoury Sports Organisation, (ASO), that holds Tour de France has consulted a number of mayors of the cities through which the cyclists go traditionally, no official date has been announced so far.

ASO will have to rehash an enormous arrangement, 21 starting and 21 ending points  3000 km of route and 500,000 roadside fans per day. It is pertinent to mention here that President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron had imposed a total lockdown till 11th of May. Public congregations will not be permitted till the mid of July, 2020.

Earlier, the 42-year-old President Emmanuel Macron saying ‘we are at war‘ was using the armed forces and military hardware to contain the mysterious malady caused by Coronavirus. Jets, Helicopters and a Warship are taking French medical workers and patients to places. Famous TGV (high-speed train) too are being used to move critically ill Covid-19 victims alongwith ventilators away from congested hospices and Coronavirus hotspots.

Despite all the resources the pressure is such that Doctors are forced to reuse masks. However, with its central command and infrastructure France is  moving its patients all over the country and even to overseas territories. This is how it is relieving hospitals of pressure. President Macron, who had been an advocate of cost cuts,  must now realized it was not only the Notre Dame but also health and education that needs  more money.

Many citoyens of this rich country, with one of the best medical set-ups in the world, believe that Macron waited too long to act (probably just like Imran Khan of Pakistan who believes the malady only kills oldies and the Paki heat will soon take care of it) resulting into deaths and misery. It is not just Macron who did not anticipate the gravity of the pandemic other world leaders including the presidents of Mexico, Brazil and the USA did not act in time. | YouTube Channel

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