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Pak envoy to Paris Asim Iftikhar hosts Christmas dinner

PARIS: Pakistan’s Ambassador to France Asim Iftikhar Ahmad hosted a dinner at the Embassy here to celebrate Christmas with the Christian community.

Welcoming the guests, Ambassador Asim Iftikhar Ahmad maintained that converging of people having diverse faiths, nationalities and backgrounds at Pakistan Embassy, transformed the soirée into an extraordinary event.

“More importantly it reminded Jesus Christ’s message of peace, tolerance and compassion for everyone around the world,” Pakistani Envoy held.

“By celebrating diversity – we promote harmony and tolerance – as this is a mosaic of our modern states, our societies and the global community.

“It is the same message of peace common to all divine religions, including that of Islam as our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s universal teachings reflect the same”.

“We are committed to promote harmony, ensure fundamental rights and equal opportunities for all Pakistanis as equal citizens as guided by the vision of our Founding Father Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” Ambassador stated.

Asim Iftikhar Ahmad appreciated the contributions of the Pakistani Christian community, both in Pakistan and abroad, where they were the key pillars of Pakistani diaspora.

Citing the part members of Christian community played in the progress of Pakistan, the Ambassador stated: “They are and will always remain an essential and integral part of our multicultural society.”

The Ambassador also pointed out that the UNGA had unanimously adopted the resolution jointly presented by the Philippines and Pakistan on the “promotion of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation for peace”.

French friends and families, members of Pakistani Christian community, diplomats and people from all walks of life enjoyed the evening, traditional Pakistani hospitality and cuisine.

Staff of the Pakistani diplomatic post here also enthusiastically took part in the event.

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