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Pakistan hands over list of most wanted TTP terrorists to Afghan Taliban

ISLAMABAD: Afghan Taliban Chief Haibatullah Akhundzada has set up a three-member commission to investigate Pakistan’s complaints apropos use of Afghan territory by banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorists for cross-border terrorism.

Meanwhile, Islamabad has provided a list of  TTP  terrorists (who had been operating from Afghanistan against Pakistan,) seeking extradition of the outfit’s chief and its commanders. According to sources Afghan Taliban had been warning TTP leaders to settle their problems with Pakistan that might offer amnesty to them. It is pertinent to mention here that during Feb 20 Doha deal between Afghan Taliban and US, they could not permit groups to use Afghan soil to carry out terrorist activities against any country.

Sohail Shaheen (Member of Negotiations Team and Taliban’s Political Office Spokesman for International Media), proclaiming that neither the TTP nor any other terrorist groups would have any place in Afghanistan, agreed that Pakistan’s concern was legitimate and Afghan policy was clear that it would not allow anyone to use the soil of Afghanistan against any neighboring country, including Pakistan. It may be recalled that Pakistan had driven out TTP from its tribal areas by means of military offensive that commenced back in 2014.

Then they were patronized by Indian RAW and Afghanistan’s NDS. After the Kabul Fall TTP chief felicitated the Afghan Taliban who had released a number of Afghan terrorists incarcerated in Afghan prisons. In this scenario Pakistan’s COAS reminded Afghan Taliban of commitment to the world apropos not allowing terrorists use Afghan soil again. Pakistan Foreign Office (FO), pointed out that TTP was a terrorist organisation that was proscribed by Pakistan and UN.

“We have been taking up the issue of use of Afghan soil by the TTP for terrorist activities in Pakistan with the previous Afghan government and we will continue to do so with the future one. We must ensure that it is not provided any space in Afghanistan to operate against Pakistan…We have and continue to oppose support for any individual or any proscribed groups and outfits that remained involved in terrorist activities inside Pakistan,” maintained Pakistan FO. | YouTube Channel


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