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Pakistan welcomes intra-Afghan peace talks in Doha tomorrow

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Friday welcomed the announcement for start of the “historic intra-Afghan negotiations” to be held in Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday and assured strong support to the process.

Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq in a tweet expressed hope that the talks would pave way for peace in Afghanistan.

“We hope these negotiations would lead to sustainable peace in Afghanistan, which would bring prosperity to the country,” he said.

Ambassador Sadiq said Pakistan’s strong support to the process would continue.

Earlier, the host country Qatar’s foreign ministry in a statement announced commencement of peace negotiations, terming it a “step forward in bringing lasting peace to Afghanistan”.

The intra-Afghan talks were set to take place in March but have repeatedly been delayed over a prisoner exchange agreement made as part of the United States-Taliban deal signed in February.