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Patients of T2D should walk following meals to control blood sugar level: study

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WELLINGTON: Taking a short walk right after having meals could assist individuals suffering from Type 2 diabetes to diminish their blood sugar levels, found out investigators in a novel research.

The study demonstrated that post-meal blood sugar levels pushed down up to 12 percent when the contributors followed the (walking after meals) instruction as compare to walking at any time of the day.

It means that the timing of the exercise plays an important role in managing levels of glucose in the blood.

The study senior author from the University of Otago in New Zealand, Andrew Reynolds held: “Most of this effect came from the highly significant 22 percent reduction in blood sugar when walking after evening meals, which were the most carbohydrate heavy, and were followed by the most sedentary time.”

Professor Jim Mann from the same varsity noted: “Post-meal glucose is regarded as an important target in managing Type 2 diabetes, given its independent contribution to overall blood sugar control and cardiovascular risk”.

Mann further maintained: “Postprandial physical activity may avoid the need for an increased total insulin dose or additional mealtime insulin injections that might otherwise have been prescribed to lower glucose levels after eating.”

For carrying out the study, researchers here have run through the data of some 41 patients of Type 2 diabetes. .

The scientists here have reported their outcomes in the journal Diabetologia.