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People buying dollars from Black Market

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KARACHI: Shocked citizens, who were assured by the Nawaz Sharif’s relative that US dollars will not appreciate any more, were noticed trying to buy dollars from black market at the rate of Rs. 275 on Friday (27th of Jan 2023).

On 27th Jan the Pak Rupee shed Rs. 7.17 in the interbank trading and closed at Rs.262.60.

Though in open market the buying rate was Rs. 264 and selling rate was Rs. 266, due to augmentation in the demand by frenzy citoyens dollar was not available even for Rs. 275 in the black market.

Euro that was available for Rs. 278.83 on Thursday (26th of Jan, 2023) closed at Rs. 285.60 on Friday (27th of Jan, 2023).

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