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Petrol price reduced by Rs. 3.05/liter

KARACHI: The Govt of Pakistan on Sunday (31st of July, 2022) has reduced the price of petrol by Rs. 3.05 per liter and the citoyens would be able to get the commodity from 1st of August, 2022 for Rs. 227.19/liter. 

With a decrease of Rs. 0.12, a liter of  Light Diesel will be available for Rs. 191.32 instead of Rs. 191.44.

The price of High-Speed Diesel has been increased by Rs. 8.95, after which the new price will stand at Rs. 244.95 per liter.

Due to an augmentation of Rs. 4.62, consumers will have to pay Rs. 201.07 for a liter of Kerosene Oil.petrol prices

The new prices will remain in place till 15th day of August, 2022. | YouTube Channel


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