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Petroleum Products’ prices raised

ISLAMABAD: Federal Government has increased the prices of petroleum products yet again and the new prices came  into effect from midnight (3rd of June, 2022). 

Announcing the price hike on Friday (2nd of June, 2022), Finance Minister Miftah Ismail maintained that the govt was still providing subsidy of Rs. 9/-per liter of petrol.

The new prices after the augmentation are:

Petrol: Rs. 209.89 per liter;

Diesel: Rs. 204.15 per liter;

Light Diesel: Rs. 178.31 per liter;

Kerosene Oil: Rs. 181.94 per liter.

Miftah claimed that now he would be able to persuade IMF to release the next tranche in the third week of June, 2022. | YouTube Channel

Sana Mehmood

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