You are currently viewing PFUJ demands immediate recovery of Matiullah Jan abducted from Islamabad Tuesday

PFUJ demands immediate recovery of Matiullah Jan abducted from Islamabad Tuesday

ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)  G. M. Jamali and Secretary General Rana Muhammad Azeem, strongly condemning the abduction of Senior Journalist Matiullah Jan from here today by uniformed personnel, have demanded the concerned authorities to ensure his safety and immediate recovery.

PFUJ leadership stated that abduction of a senior journalist in broad daylight from Federal Capital by uniformed personnel manifested who were the kidnappers and what were their intentions.

PFUJ Leadership has demanded the Prime Minister and Honorable Judiciary to act immediately ensuring immediate recovery of Matiullah Jan and legal action against his kidnappers.

G.M. Jamali and Rana Muhammad Azeem, in their joint statement warned in case their demands were not met sans delay, PFUJ would commence a series of country-wide protests and go to any extent for the recovery of their confrère.

According to CCTV footage a number of men forced Matiullah Jan into a sedan outside the main gate of the school where his wife teaches. Before that he had thrown his mobile inside the school but a female school personnel gave it back to the man in uniform who demanded for it from other side of the main gate.

This morning at 11.05 am Matiullah Jan had tweeted a video of a journalist’s interview stating: “This is for the attention of those who sit in the simulated air conditioned environment of rule of law in Pakistan and who think criticism on them is a bigger crime than the violation of the inviolable dignity of a human being.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Matiullah Jan was due to appear before SCP tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd of July, 2020) following its taking a suo motu notice of a ‘contemptuous’ tweet by him.

Meanwhile, IG Islamabad has been summoned to brief Senate Committee on Human Rights tomorrow on abduction of Matiullah Jan.

HRCP demands immediate release of Matiullah Jan: “The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) endorses the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)’s demand for the federal government to take immediate measures for the safe release of senior journalist Matiullah Jan, who was abducted today outside the college in Islamabad where his wife teaches.

“We are deeply concerned at increasing attempts to control the media, suppress independent voices, and curb political dissent, thereby creating an environment of constant fear. Matiullah Jan has stood courageously by the people of Pakistan striving to realise their constitutional and fundamental rights. It is the responsibility of the government to provide safety and security to every citizen, irrespective of his or her religious or political beliefs. Mr Jan’s abduction is an act of cowardice and warrants immediate redressal.”

Amnesty International South Asia  took to the Twitter to hold: “Journalism is not a crime!…We are extremely concerned for the fate and wellbeing of @matiullahjan919. He has been the subject of physical attacks and harassment for his journalism. The authorities must establish his whereabouts immediately. #ReleaseMatiullah.”Matiullah Jan Amnesty

Chairman PPP-P Bilawal Bhutto Zardari taking to the Twitter held: “Extremely concerned at news that Matiullah Jan has been abducted from Islamabad. The selected government must immediately insure his safe return. This is not only an attack on media freedoms & democracy but on all of us. Today it is Matiullah, tomorrow it could be you or I.”

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