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PM-elect Khakan Abbasi says in his acceptance speech democratic process is back on track

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ISLAMABAD: Shahid Khakan Abbasi in his acceptance speech thanked the lawmakers for following the democratic process.

Terming the SC’s Panamagate-related verdict as unprecedented decision he said: “We accepted it as it was. We did not challenge the courts; there was no division in our ranks. The party stands as it was. No one wanted to joust for power — whoever the Prime Minister [Nawaz Sharif] named was supported unanimously”.

He pointed out that within four days; the democratic process is back on track: “There were no defections. There was no dissension in our ranks”.

Runner-up Syed Naveed Qamar addressing the lower house observed that contrary to general belief that the SC decision would  lead to a chaos, the nation smoothly followed the democratic process.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed speaking on the occasion pointed that in four years the PML (N) government has procured loans worth $35 billion. In his critical speech he further said that Khakan Abbasi has provided the costliest energy to the people in the form of LNG. The Government-controlled TV opted not to air all his speech. 


28th PM of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi coasts to an easy win bagging 221 votes!


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister-elect 59-year-old Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, as expected, was voted to the premiership with 221 votes during the 44th session of the National Assembly held here with Ayaz Sadiq in the Speaker’s Chair.

Syed Naveed Qamar got 47 votes, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed got 33 and Sahibzada Tariqullah 4 votes. 

PML (N)’s Shahid Khaqan Abbasi commenced his career as an electrical engineer and an entrepreneur.

After the death of his father, who was minister production, Shahid Khakan Abbasi entered politics back in 1988. He contested polls as an independent candidate and was elected.