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PM on Pak-US mutually beneficial ties

LAHORE: PM Shehbaz Sharif, while talking to Pak Envoy Sardar Masood Khan said on Saturday (4th of March, 2023) that Pakistan valued its mutually beneficial ties with the US and was determined to further enhance its trade and investment in multi-dimensional fields of IT, agriculture and industry.

The prime minister directed the envoy to identify further avenues of collaboration to promote Pak-US trade and investment.

He further directed Pakistan’s Mission in Washington and the authorities in Pakistan to extend full cooperation to the American investors.

The prime minister underscored that the government was working on a priority basis to further ease trade and investment-related rules and regulations.

The ambassador briefed the prime minister about the performance of Pakistan’s mission in the US.


Sania Jamali

Sania Jamali, who studied Media in UAE, is associated with since its inception (2015) mostly reporting International Politics.