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PM asks youth to protest against Imported Selected Govt

ISLAMABAD: PM in his televised address to the nation on Friday (8th of April, 2022) asked the youth of Pakistan to peacefully demonstrate against the Imported Selected Government on Sunday (10th of April, 2022) after the Namaz of Isha to protect the democracy. 

Earlier, saying that he would not accept the Imported Selected Government, the PM addressed the youth:  “Your future is at stake. If you do not take a stand to protect the sovereignty of our country, we will continue to remain subservient. The nation has to rise together to save Pakistan.”

PM Imran Khan said, though he was disappointed by the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he accepted the verdict. He said that he was disappointed firstly because the Supreme Court had not pondered over the cause behind the action taken by the Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri i.e: Foreign plot to change the regime; secondly the way the Opposition was blatantly buying and selling the law-makers.

Speaking about the Threat Letter he explained that the matter was a ciphered  correspondence from the Embassy. He said that the Pakistan Envoy to the America was told by an official that PM Imran Khan should not have gone to Russia. Pak diplomat informed him that the trip was scheduled well ahead.

According to the Premier the Pak Ambassador was told by the American official that if the No-Confidence Resolution did not succeed the country would have to face the consequences but if he was removed then America would forgive Pakistan: “The ambassador tried to tell that …

“was already planned and there was a consensus. He knew a no-confidence…was coming. He said if Imran Khan is saved from it, then Pakistan will have to face consequences. See the arrogance if the sitting prime minister is not removed, Pakistan will be damaged.

“And then he said that if loses, Pakistan will be forgiven. He did not even say that if (Imran Khan) loses and whoever comes next, we will first see what he does and then forgive him which means he knew who was coming…and had gotten his achkan sewn.”

He said that the American diplomats were meeting politicians here  and later it transpired that the plot was made abroad to remove his regime as he refused to become their stooge. He said kalima La Illaha Illallah and Iyaka Nabadu wa Iyaka Nastaeen were the guiding principles: “Pakistan did not come into being to follow the diktats of foreign powers”. 

Citing Leader of the Opposition Shehbaz Sharif who stated ‘beggars cant be choosers’, Imran Khan said those who had money abroad wanted to serve the foreign powers to safeguard their wealth: “Imran Khan is not anti-American, but we are not like a tissue paper to be used and trashed: Pakistan desire good relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect”. 

Pointing towards the 400 drone attacks, during the regimes of former PMs, he said that they did condemn the West while PTI raised its voice and demonstrated to protest against the killing of civilians and children.

He said that nobody had courage to dictate a country like India. For instance, they are importing oil from Russia ignoring the advises of USA saying that was beneficial for the people of India. Imran Khan said that EU diplomats could not ask the Indian Government to speak against Putin. But they, against the diplomatic norms,  asked Pakistan government to condemn the Ukraine attack. | YouTube Channel

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