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PML-N’s Moazzam Sher Kallu wins Khushab PP-84 by-election

KHUSHAB: Following completion of the vote count at all the 229 polling stations here on 6th of May,  it transpired that PML-N’s voters’ propensity has not changed and by casting 73,081 votes they had enabled Barrister Moazzam Sher Kallu beat his main rival PTI’s Ali Hussain Baloch with a margin of 10,178 votes. 

Constituency PP-84 Khushab happens to harbor 2,92,687 (155,104 male & 137,583 female) registered voters who were expected to cast their votes at 229 polling stations featuring 666 polling booths. Eight aspirants were in the field: PML’N’s Barrister Moazzam Sher Kallu, PTI’s Ali Hussain Baloch, PPP’s Ghulam Habib Ahmed, banned TLP’s Asghar Ali, independents included Amjad Raza, Aurangzeb, Imran Haider Khan, and Ilyas Khan Azad.

However, the major clash was between PTI’s Sardar Ali Hussain Khan Baloch (who bagged 62,903 votes) and the winner PML-N’s Barrister Malik Moazzam Sher Kallu. It may be recalled that the  seat fell vacant as PML-N’s Malik Muhammad expired due to the mysterious respiratory ailment caused by COVID-19.

Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Mian Shehbaz Sharif took to the Twitter to hold: “PP-84 Congratulations to the people and party candidate Malik Moazzam Kalu on his election victory in Khushab. The people have rejected the flour and sugar thieves. Praise be to Allah. This is also an acknowledgment by the people of the service rendered by the PML-N during its tenure. And this vote is the vote for the development of Pakistan under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif!”

Vice President PML-N Maryam Nawaz Tweeted: “The people in the city have declared Nawaz Sharif’s victory. Supporting Nawaz Sharif’s statement from every province is a victory for the people’s right to rule. Minus Nawaz Sharif! Look at the works of Allah! Only Nawaz Sharif is left, everyone else has been deducted.”

“Congratulations to the lions. Congratulations to Malik Moazzam Kallu. Thank you very much to the passionate people of Khushab,” Maryam Nawaz added. | YouTube Channel



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