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Police repulses terrorist attack on Yarik PS

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D.I.KHAN: The police have repulsed a terrorist attack on Yarik Police Station near the western route of CPEC on Sunday (8th of Jan 2023) late at night.

According to a police spokesman, around 20 terrorists attacked the Yarik police with heavy weapons and snipers.

The terrorists, surrounding the police station from all four sides, opened indiscriminate firing at the police station which continued for around 45 minutes.

The police, led by DSP Sadar circle Hafiz Muhammad Adnan, retaliated the firing of the terrorists.

After this, the terrorists managed to escape from the scene due to darkness.

No life loss was reported in the attack however, the building of the police station was damaged by the continuous firing.

As soon as the incident was reported, District Police Officer (DPO) Muhammad Shoaib also reached the said police station.

The police had reports about the presence of terrorists in the adjoining areas of Yarik which was why the security of the above mention police station was put on high alert.

The security of other police stations in Dera Ismail Khan has also been enhanced after this attack.