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Police zeroing in on terrorists’ network

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PESHAWAR: Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Moazzam Jah Ansari here Thursday said that the police force was zeroing in on the terrorists’ network behind the deadly suicide attack on the police lines’ mosque and warned that provoking of police jawans would not be tolerated.

PESHAWAR: “I along with police officers and jawans was in pain after the martyrdom of policemen in the mosque’s suicide attack in police lines on Monday last and we will take revenge on every drop of blood of our martyrs and injured,” IGP KP said while talking to media here.

Flanked by Chief Capital City Police Officer, Ejaz Khan, the IGP said that the morale of the police force was sky-high despite the mosque’s bombing and ready to give more sacrifices for the protection of their motherland against any threat.

“We are zeroing in on the terrorist network behind the deadly terrorist attack on the peaceful worshipers during Zuhr prayer inside the police lines’ mosque.”

Refuting all the conspiracies, apprehensions and speculations theories emerged after the suicide attack, the IGP made it clear that it was a suicide attack and rejected all the speculations that the blast was made through a planted bomb or drone strike.

The closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage has been acquired through which it was clearly seen that the suicide bomber was in a police uniform, riding a motorcycle and wearing a face mask, he said.

The IGP pleaded to people not to provoke and mislead his force’s jawans. “Police jawans are like his children and the misleading would not be tolerated.”

The IGP disclosed that the network of terrorists behind the attack has been found.

The suicide blast was so powerful that the shockwaves did not find ways to escape, hence, forcing the mosque ‘s roof to collapse on worshipers due to the lack of pillars.

He said about 10 to 12 kilograms of trinitrotoluene (TNT) was used in the attack. “Our first target was to retrieve the survivors and extract injured from the mosque’s debris.”

He reiterated that the pain of the police force should not be increased further by creating hurdles in the police work and that politics on the dead bodies of our loved ones should be avoided.

The IGP said all details would be shared with the media once the investigation was completed

To a question about the extra time taken in the investigation, IGP explained that it takes one person 24 hours to scan a day’s footage and 100 people were required to look at all cameras.

The IGP informed that he himself had seen the footage of the suicide bomber who was dressed in a police uniform wearing a casual jacket and helmet arriving on a motorbike to police lines.

He said the motorcycle used by the bomber has been traced and more details about tracing were being collected.

He said police were close to tracing the network of terrorists behind the mosque bombing.

The IGP said the bomber entered the mosque at 12:37 pm and asked one of the police constables about the mosque, adding the question indicated that the bomber was unaware of the place and was sent by someone to carry out the explosion with police was the target.

“There is a complete network behind the bomber. He is not a lone ranger.”

The IGP said investigators were burning the midnight oil in this case and every angle and possibility was being explored to bring this high profile case to its logical end.

He said that police force was busy in funeral preparations of their martyrs while conspiracies were started to provoke our people to launch a protest.

He said misleading and provoking of police jawans would not be tolerated further.